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Estepona Furniture is an official supplier of Quick Step flooring, they have a great range of high quality laminate, vinyl and wood flooring available.
All Quick-Step floors are easy to install and designed to remain beautiful for many years to come.
We have a variety of different flooring that we can help you choose from 
  • Softstep vinyl flooring
  • Softstep vinyl flooring
  • Softstep vinyl flooring
  • Quick Step
  • Quick Step
  • Quick Step
  • Quick Step
  • Quick Step wood
  • Quick Step wood
  • Quick Step wood
  • Quick Step wood
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Estepona Furniture is an official supplier of Abingdon flooring, a British based company with a history of high quality products. 
They offer a massive range of colours and styles that come in different price ranges.
There are different types of fitted carpet available
  • Wilton Royal
Wilton Royal
  • Stain Free
Stain Free
  • Love Story
Love Story 
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New Eco Underlay  
  • Springbond underlay is made using Texfelt's state-of-the-art Kytech technology and is manufactured from blend of fibre types which have already been recycled.

  • The fibres have no harmful VOC's and do not require further flame retardant treatment, already achieving 'low radius' classification to BS4790.

  • All of this gives Springbond underlay a high level of comfort, warmth and resilience, whilst at the same time makes it one of the most environmentally friendly underlays available on the market today.

  • 85% Recycled fibres and recyclable after use

  • Maximum performance, minimal environmental impact

  • Added comfort, warmth and softness underfoot

  • Excellent thermal and acoustic properties

  • No harmful VOC content

  • Naturally breathable - Moisture, rot and mildew repellent

  • Helps prolong carpet life

Make a difference

Be one of the first to adopt this new environmentally friendly underlay in to your home. Contact us now for your personalised quote.

The pros of artificial grass

Our artificial grass is high performance, comfortable and looks natural. We also have available sport ready artificial grass.

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Fungrass is a well established supplier of artificial grass with a wide range of styles for many different purposes. 
Get in contact with us and we will surprise you with the unlimited possibilities of our artificial grass.
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