Zen firme

Zen firme

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-Case Stretch (not removable) -Biovisco + HR + 7 zones of rest
-Support of union of fibers -Confortec
-Absorber of fibers -Microsil of 25kg/m3
-System Compact with lateral reinforcement – System of wharf bagged Multisac® Hybrid
-Fabric Drycare transpirable


Seven zones of rest

Distribution of the weight of the principal zones of the body. The design of ergonomic cuts of the viscoelastic and the HR with oil of soybean they distribute the pressure of the body at the top, shoulders, back, lumbar, legs, knees and feet. These cuts were designed by different bulk to achieve a better rest.

Maximum sensation of biovisco

Surrounding sensation and freedom of movement. The combination of the topper of viscoelastic with the wharves bagged allows the sensation of received maxim respecting the total independence of beds. The smoothness of his surface and the firmness of his base offer freedom of movements for a deep rest.

Fabric stretch

Design and adaptability to the body. Case made with fabric stretch of great quality and soft tact with elastic properties that guarantee a major adjustment to the contour of the body. The case does not incorporate zipper and is joined to the low part of the mattress by means of a weather-strip.

Double aeration

Maximum breathability. Hybrid Air account with cannulas of aeration designed between the viscoelastic and the HR Soybean added to the own aeration of the system of wharves bagged, offering the maxim breathability.

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