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We work along side FAMA to give you the best when choosing the perfect sofa for your home

Fama have an unbelievable range of modular sofas and electric recliners. They offer over 300 different fabrics for you to choose from. Their sofas offer a great amount of variety, allowing you to build your own size and shape using their modular sections. You can customize the feet of the sofa, we have available a wood finish or metal. The arms of each sofa can be customized to fit your preference, high or low.

Chairs and Recliners

Fama has a range of reclining and rocking chairs. Their swivel bases allow for versatility. They have great lumbar support, compact size and matching footstool is available.

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Calle Juan de Mena 18,  Poligono Industrial
 Estepona, Malaga, Spain
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